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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hi, I’m Kerry. I live in metro Detroit, Michigan, I’m hanging onto my thirties by a thread, and I have a sweet husband and a sweet son. I spent the last fifteen years working for big companies in jobs related to writing and communications. I’m so lucky I got to spend my budding career in bustling downtown Detroit, doing fast-paced assignments, working with and learning from diverse professionals from all walks of life. I’ll never…

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My #1 Easy Self Care Method to Give My Brain a Break

Everybody needs free easy forms of self care. I’m a neurodivergent toddler mom with anxiety, ADHD, depression, body-focused repetitive behavior, and binge eating disorder. I also have Lipedema and hypermobility. Cheers! How can I make sure I’m doing everything I can to improve my mental well-being, for myself, my child, and my life? I’ve been working for 20 years to find a balanced treatment for my mental health. I finally feel at peace with the…

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My Biggest Fears Before Weight Loss Surgery

In life, I have a knack for vividly imagining the worst possible scenario. I envision in great detail all the fallout that would surround the worst possible scenario, if that unlikely outcome were ever to happen. No matter what it is, my mind goes straight to catastrophe. My rational brain knows how unlikely it is for the absolute worst to happen, but my rational brain is not in charge here. 😄 Healthy? No. Normal? Also no!…

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Notes to My Child

In my Lovevery subscription, I received a book called Notes to My Child: Letters for a Future You. It’s a beautiful book with several blank pages and a prompt at the top of each. The idea is to write him letters to read in the future, a time capsule capturing the overwhelming love I have for him while he’s small. I’ve been hanging onto it since he was an infant, and he’s almost three now.…

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