Weird Dreams

September 23, 2014 at 11:38 am
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On Sunday night, I had a dream that I was applying liquid Wite-Out correction fluid to my lips with a regular Wite-Out brush. This, in my dream mind, would serve as a foundation for my lipstick. It felt just like you’d imagine it would feel.

On Monday night, I had a dream that I dyed my blonde hair bright tomato red, but only the top 1/3 of it, from the crown on up. Not highlights, either, just solid red. So it was two-toned red and blonde with a horizontal separation and very blunt with no blending. I felt immediate regret, and my feelings of panic and shame were instantly overwhelming. I remember thinking that color correction would be incredibly expensive for a mistake of that magnitude. My stylist, whoever she was, had an attitude of smugness.

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