Week 1, Day 2

March 21, 2012 at 10:13 am
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I went to work, and then I whined terribly on the way home. Drake drove us to the gym despite my complaints. In response to my whining, though, he agreed to up his intensity and shorten the time to 30 minutes instead of our normal 40. We ellipticalled. The book I’m reading was so good that the 30 minutes skated by.

Afterward, at home, I kept my gym clothes on and pushed play right away. I did the Week 1 workout. It was minutely easier than it was the day before. I was tired when done, but I felt really good. The hardest part of the DVD for me is the side bending. It hurts. My squats and lunges aren’t all the way down, either, and my pushups are faked and strained as well. But the stretches at the end of the DVD are lengthy and relaxing. The whole thing is worth it just to get to the stretching. I should probably incorporate more yoga in my life. I love that the most.

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