August 18, 2010 at 2:06 pm
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Love, you built a snowball
in my backyard late in the season
beginning with a handful of
tightly packed white,
pure and clean you dropped it
in the blanket and rolled

to start it was clear of debris,
a fresh blend of molecules
sticking to like molecules,
seeking out more to add
to the mass you built

and built until the energy made you
push, the mass grew bigger and bigger
proportionately and grew overall
collecting the white crystals
from the dirty frozen ground

you didn’t stop until you had to
and you could push no more.
By then the layers had picked up
sticks and dead leaves and
brown grass mixed in with muddy
snow whiteness was no longer
pure and clean.

I looked out my window past
the first of spring and the snow
had melted except your massive
mound with these things lasting
well into the melting period
and lasting long after you were gone
but every day it shrinks some
more clean white sinking
into mud, leaving only dirt
and broken twig memories.

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