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July 30, 2010 at 1:25 pm
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I have anxiety. It’s serious. Today my boss is on vacation, and her boss asked me to give her a call when I had a moment. GULP.

Talking to the boss = scary! Talking to HER boss = go, run, hide!

Of course I have a moment – I’m working from home and she knows it. I called her right away. (Scratch that — I was way too nervous to call right away so I called her within 5 minutes. I went to the bedroom to plug my phone in, then I went to the kitchen to prepare a glass of water, I drank a few sips, I went to the bathroom, and then I unplugged my phone, came back into the office and called her. My version of pacing.)

I thought this might be about a rather serious (to me) issue that came up yesterday with a nonprofit agency that is led by this batpoop crazy executive director lady who is working very hard to rope me into drama that is caused by her piss poor management capabilities and her unhappy staff who aren’t doing their jobs. Incompetence all around. My boss has graciously informed batpoop crazy lady to never contact me again, to contact her directly if she needs to contact anyone in my organization, and that I’d rather stay out of every single issue related to the situation. My boss was very kind for doing so and is handling the situation with poise and professionalism, as usual. She is wonderful. I feel like she has taken me under her wing in some ways, because I’m young/green/stupid and she is a Maximizer and possesses Positivity and I love her more every time we talk.

So I prepared myself for God knows what. But when I called, I was off the phone within two minutes. She just wanted to thank me (!) for my work and let me know, since my boss is out today, that I’m included in the list of employees who are (wait for it…) gettin’ raises. I don’t know if I technically qualify as eligible, either, but for once the ball rolled my way. Awesome!

It’s not a lot of money at all. I already make not a lot of money at all, so when you add a percentage to it, yeah. But still! Awesome!


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