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October 1, 2010 at 5:50 pm
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Wow. I’m skimming my old hard drive, which I thought was gone forever but Drake rescued (bless his heart), and I found a text file with the following content, which I saved because I must have found it moving at the time. I find it moving now, too, 4 years later, even though I don’t know the context, except to assume that it’s a post on a forum or a listserv about losing weight. Thank you, Tory, whoever you are – you are an inspiration. Here:

Where are you mentally in this whole thing? I know for me the KEY to losing
and keeping the weight off is that I learned to love myself exactly as I was
as a fat woman. I then realized that if I truly valued myself, I couldn’t
NOT do something about my weight because we need to value our bodies. We
need to take care of them because they are truly the ONE thing that we have
whole and total responsibility for. Because of that, we also have the
ability to cause serious and drastic damage either intentionally (smoking,
drug abuse, food abuse), by lack of action (sedentary lifestyle, allowing
others to control our mental and physical well being), or as a form of self
abuse. I don’t say this to make the point that anyone should feel “bad”
about weight issues, but rather that as we take control we feel and
appreciate that control that we are taking in our lives. In fact, we
celebrate the control.

So maybe since in the past you’ve started and stopped, or intended to start
but didn’t, the problem is you’re starting (or not) on a journey without a
road map. That might be “fun” on a weekend afternoon, but in something like
this it can leave us without direction.

So maybe starting on weight loss right now isn’t the answer, but starting on
mental and physical preparation is. How do you feel about yourself? How do
you feel as an overweight person? Do you find value in Trisha? How do you
talk to yourself? Is it negative or positive. If you listed all of the
issues you deal with in your personal life, how would you rank the
priorities? Perhaps right now there are other priorities that will help you
get to the weight loss…but if you don’t work on them first, they’ll be a
road block.

For me a lot of my issues prior to actually finding success had to do with
feeling so bad about myself because of this insignificant (in the scheme of
day to day life) weight thing. (And in case you didn’t know, I have lost
over 100 pounds, so it wasn’t like I was 10 pounds overweight.) It wasn’t
until I worked on my self talk, my personal feelings about who I was and how
weight impacted my feelings about myself, and my self esteem that I was
ready to take on the weight issue. At that point I was ready to start and
while I would NEVER say it was “easy” it was pretty much a straight shot
towards my goals. My focus was on health, on feeling good, and on redefining
who Tory is/was. I am such a different person now. I still retain all of the
good things about who I was as a fat woman, but I’ve shed almost all of the
personal negativity that I had directed at myself and have become outgoing,
active (ran a marathon yesterday, in fact…never even DREAMED that at
around 230 pounds), risk taking (calculated risks…I’m not leaping off
bridges into roaring water, but I did skydive), and confident. I did NOT
become that person because I lost weight. I lost weight because I became
that person!

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