On a Bus

August 18, 2010 at 2:15 pm
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Resting my eyes for a silent ride
ghosts of tin toy soldiers march out
fiercely in my ears
banging metal drums and dance music
as the wide-eyed guy with earphones on
moves a little, bobs his head
catches me watching, stares forward again
and my nose and mouth are swimming and searching
and all they can grasp is the bath
of bubblegum apple raspberry watermelon
pear mango sugarplum cotton candy rottenfruit
oozing from the lady to my left, who keeps inching closer
gluing her wide thigh to mine. A few seats behind,
an infant, like miserable sunshine,
wrinkled and wiggling pink,
wails into her mother’s shoulder.
Soon she’ll grow to know relaying emotion is
taboo on trashy trips like this, but now
she’s young and lucky, loud and allowed
to voice how she feels.

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