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October 7, 2010 at 5:02 pm
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This morning I woke up to my loving boyfriend and our loving cat. When I was in the shower, Drake snuck off to who knows where to retrieve a big blue present with a big white bow, which he presented to me. It was too pretty to open, but after taking some pictures of it, I was ready. Just when I was about to, he stuck his hand in his coat pocket and pulled out another gift, this one in a tiny box wrapped with silver paper with tiny silver bows. Too good. This guy is too good.

Inside the blue box was the coat I’ve been eyeing, which I told him not to get me because it’s too big of a gift. I haven’t really upgraded winter coats since I was 15 or so, when I got my trusty charcoal-grey peacoat, which I’ve worn every winter since. This coat is a couple sizes smaller, a whole lot more structured and just very nice. Plus it’s pink (soft, vintage ballerina rose, not at all obnoxious) and unique and I just love it. I will love it all winter. Thoughtful and practical and generous and so sweet.

The small box made me say out loud “This is not a wedding ring” as I opened it, just because that was a thought that was in my head. And it wasn’t (of course). It’s a necklace, a pendant made of white gold and opal with three tiny diamonds as accents, and a little gold flourish where the pendant hangs from the chain. This is meaningful for many reasons. I had a tiny opal pendant on a baby-fine gold chain, but the opal fell out, so Drake wanted to replace it with one that’s way better. Also, it’s my birthstone and this is my birthday. Also, Drake had the jeweler make it for me. It’s special. He researched and found a jeweler, figured out exactly what he wanted to get for me, went to the store, interacted with all the people there and bought me the thing. It’s just a lot of effort, not to mention the cost involved. He is wonderful.

So the last thing I heard before falling asleep was “happy birthday,” and “happy birthday” was the first thing I heard when I woke up this morning. And my mom called me and played the animatronic dancing hamster that sings “Birthday,” her tradition for all of us each year. And my facebook friends have been steadily streaming “happy birthday” messages to my Wall all day. I’ve been at work all day, didn’t take PTO, but it’s still been one of the happiest birthdays ever. My life right now is the happiest ever.

Going to have dinner with my parents, sister, best friend and Drake after Weight Watchers today. Loving my life!

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