Moving Out

August 18, 2010 at 2:14 pm
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Geoff, I’ll miss our talks
on grammar most. Your foul tarantula,
your Chinese habit, plastic container
litter, your foreign beer, the nameless blue
dead beta fish who swirled in circles
months above the scuba diver gravel
til his funeral, the hours of never final
fantasy you put me through, your snake
whom I would never watch nor pet
who “ate a fucking mouse that’s twice his girth,”
written on the message board in thick green
letters with a pen I stole from class
like you were a daddy done proud.
Your sharp handwriting. Your kind
acceptance of my late bill money, your
excitement at receiving it at all.
Your ex-girlfriend, who wasn’t when we met.
Your plants, your bigger bedroom, your
pleasant, clean and boyish style.
That night everyone was drinking and
you and I had too much for the first time
and we confessed sins while walls spinned.
I will miss walking into my home,
filled with friends, and hearing
“Kerry my dear” in your refreshing tone.

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