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October 24, 2015 at 2:09 pm
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We had big plans for Halloween this year. We had big hopes and dreams. He wanted to sew his own costume, completely from scratch. I didn’t have those guts, but I did have the guts to ask my seamstress neighbor if I could commission a custom handmade dress from her as part of my costume. I would find a way to get the hair and makeup right, he would spend weeks growing his facial hair the way he wanted it, it would be perfect. Together we would be two of our favorite characters.

We haven’t completely given up on those plans, but our first party has come and gone and we were definitely not finished in time. So I had 2 hours to come up with something.

A good homemade Halloween costume is a must, for me. Store bought costumes are for emergencies only, in my book. I take pride in the stuff I’ve been able to come up with in years past.

So here’s what we decided: Publishers Clearing House winners. We had everything already, we just needed a giant check and some balloons. I added a bouquet of flowers as a finishing touch.

Publishers Clearing House Homemade Halloween Costumes

He was the Prize Patrol and I’m the lucky winner.

I honestly got to wear cotton pajamas all night — what better party attire is there? The worst part was walking through Meijer like this to buy booze.

He wore khakis and a shirt, tie and jacket. Any color shirt and tie would do, and what man doesn’t have a pair of khakis and a sportcoat? It’s so easy for a last minute Halloween costume.

I bought a balloon helium tank with a 40% off coupon from Michaels, and a sheet of foam board for the check and a roll of cheap┬áred ribbon for the flower bouquet. Then at Dollar Tree I bought 2 dozen red roses, a couple sprigs of white flowers (I wanted baby’s breath but you get what you get when you’re at the DT), and a sheet of clear cellophane, plus a pack of balloons.

I designed a giant check using the “Poster” infographic option on, I saved it in high resolution, and I pasted the entire image into MS Excel so I could print it to multiple sheets. Then I cut the edges off and glued them to the foam board, trimmed the foam board to fit, and the big check was done.

He made a badge that said “Prize Patrol” for his coat. I wore my hair in curlers. Everybody at the party got the reference, and it was a lot of fun. Super easy, comfortable, and cheap for a couples costume! Happy Halloween (part 1)! More to come!

Publishers Clearing House Halloween couples easy DIY homemade Halloween costume

Me and my Prize Patrol in our easy, last minute, homemade Halloween costumes

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