Lake Effect Rain

August 18, 2010 at 2:12 pm
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The sidewalk is slick like the clouds
and both are matching heavy-breath grey
Reflections shine flat,
looking-glasses of mirrored illusion
shattering with each rough new drop
from the sky, grounding us
and startling us back down to the pavement.
It rushes to the low points
to fill every crevice with a piece of the somewhere-blue.
Every few moments we have a giant splash,
a giant drip whose direction is decided
by the inconsistent wind,
an old photograph scene,
except moving and breathing
splashing and living
rhythmic and natural and real—
greyscale interrupted with an instant shock
of dreamy glowing flashbulb blue
which quivers the sky and the ground
and the earth, loving the deep unexpected
intrusion of fuel, feeding its needs,
rumbles its approval.

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