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July 28, 2014 at 11:00 am
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This is an activity recommended in the book Life Is Hard, Food Is Easy by Linda Spangle. The book is about emotional eating and how to overcome it.

Instead of emotionally eating, I can:

Play the ukulele.
Paint a painting.
Play the piano.
Write a poem.
Write a journal entry.
Email Mom.
Ride the recumbent bike.
Take a slow walk around the block.
Study graphic design.
Study French.
Curl my hair.
Do my makeup.
Practice new hairstyles.
Take a hot bath.
Do my toenails.
Do my fingernails.
Play SimCity.
Generate a D&D character.
Make a card for my husband.
Call my nephew.
Text a friend.
Tell another friend who is losing weight that I need support.
Plan my menu for the week.
Load up my iPod with new songs.
Load up my Nook with new books.
Sit on the couch and read.
Make a list of gratitude.
Outline a novel.
Research interior design.
Pet my cat.
Take a drive with loud music.
Clean out a drawer.
Organize my purse.
Clean out the fridge.
Clean out the freezer.
Go buy some fresh flowers.
Make a photo book.
Light a candle and play music.
Read my D&D books.
Write a letter to my penpal.
Make some chainmaille jewelry.
Log on MFP and show support to others.

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