If I had money

August 29, 2010 at 2:49 pm
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I’d waste it on, at this moment:
Mushroom brush – so I don’t destroy the things with the firm-bristled potato brush and so I get off all the specks of dirt without taking forever.
Water bottle – so I can just take brita water to work instead of buying a 500 mL plastic bottle every day or drinking weird Detroit tap water. Klean Kanteen is fashionable, but then I’d need a carry tote, which is another expense.
Brown shoes – Naturalizer 9WW, something cute and career-ish
Skirt suits
Life coach
Hanging pan rack for the kitchen ceiling
Highlights & a good professional haircut
Manicure (even though they’re bitten to the nubs – gotta start somewhere)

Also, I would hire a seamstress to fix the pantsuits and skirt suits that I’d buy, because jackets NEVER fit and pants NEVER fit properly. How does an extremely pear-shaped woman look right in a suit? There’s no way. I need to find a tailor. $$$$$

Also with the suits I’d need accessories like jewelry and blouses/shells/camis to wear underneath. It is my dream to look polished.

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