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May 8, 2012 at 3:07 pm
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This morning was particularly painful due to several of my regular co-irkers engaging in a disturbing mixture of 1. loud and at-length fingernail clipping at one’s desk (at LEAST four “clips” per nail), 2. a heinously boring webinar being watched at max-volume (HEADPHONES PEOPLE!), and 3. one person’s yelling at me about a serious issue from three cubicles away.

But as I was headed to my parking garage to leave for a lunch meeting, a man sitting on the street corner playing trombone in front of the city county building stopped while I waited for the red light, commented on the beautiful day, and said to me, “I wish I could have the job of brushing your hair. That would be a most marvelous job.” I said thank you, and as I walked away, he switched from whatever he’d been playing to that horn line from Sir Duke.

At lunch with my boss,  coworker, and the senior vice president of a really giant global corporation and two of his local colleagues (I don’t know how I got invited to this), I dropped a full glass of ice water all over myself. Then three people ordered a cupcake for dessert and were brought mountainous plates of “share-sized” three-layer red velvet slices that, together, had to have made up an entire big ol’ cake. The restaurant ran out of cupcakes and decided to err on the side of wasteful to the point of awkward.

Somehow we were productive through all this — we  charmed the bigwig, and I think he wants to move more freight through our region, which would be good for our region, good for his business, and good for my organization. Mission, potentially accomplished.

Weird little meeting. These are just the highlights.

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