Countdown: Ten Days to Paris

April 8, 2015 at 3:54 pm
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In 10 days, Drake and I will be heading off on our Parisian vacation. The past many weeks have flown by in anticipation of this trip. There’s a lot I’ve wanted to do beforehand that I didn’t do (uhhh, learn a language), but at the end of the day, it’s almost here and we’re doin’ it.

I like Paris a lot. It’ll be our second time going there. The first time was our Honeymoon two years ago. It was in November. We were fortunate enough to get to spend time in London and Barcelona as well, which I cherish, but those didn’t have the flavor or the unique beauty of Paris.

I don’t know what it is that we like about the city so much. Maybe it’s just how picturesque everything is. It’s scenes straight out of a book or movie, everywhere you go. He takes photos. I just look at things.

My favorite Paris memory is when Drake and I went to see the Eiffel Tower for the first time, on one of our first nights in the city. It was dark outside already. We stopped at a corner flower market that was still open, brightly lit and full of a rainbow of varieties. We browsed for some time, enjoying the drawn out decision making process. Drake bought me the most beautiful bouquet of roses with petals that were a gradient from orange to pink, the color of a sunset. The French florists preparing the bouquet took great care to clean up each flower, tie them in a bunch, and wrap them carefully in bright green paper. They sweetly gave Drake a single red rose for him, too. I carried those flowers around like a precious child while we walked those streets. The Tower itself was exquisitely lit and as romantic as you can imagine, and we took some very sweet photos, but this stuff isn’t even the best part. The best part was when, on our way back to the hotel, we took the Metro, and a subway musician with an accordion came on board. He was a little old man, wearing a hat, possibly a scarf, speaking only French, which of course we didn’t understand a word of. He spoke to us directly, and my best guess is that he wanted to know if we had any requests, and being accustomed to ignoring street performers, we didn’t interact. When he saw my flowers, though, he lit up with delight. He immediately started playing “Happy Birthday.” I tried telling him it wasn’t my birthday, but I couldn’t. I laughed and laughed. It was really wonderful. He played with such happiness. I will never forget that.

Many more reasons exist why I love the city. It’s giant and full of adventure. It’s old, beautiful, quiet (at least in the Latin Quarter where we stay). Lights, romance, history, literature, fashion, food. All of that. This time, I’ll know a little more French. We’re going to see more — we’re taking a World War II D-Day tour and spending some nights in Bayeux. We’ll research where to eat, but we’ll also stumble upon places. And we won’t buy two baguettes at once, no matter how good they look and how convinced I am that I can eat a whole one by myself — I learned that lesson. I’ll know which cheeses to order and which wines to try. I’ll be able to read the menu. Most importantly, I’ll be on vacation with my sweet husband in a beautiful place, and we won’t have STUFF to worry about. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most.

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