At My Best, Here’s How I Am…

July 28, 2014 at 11:02 am
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This is an activity recommended in the book Life Is Hard, Food Is Easy by Linda Spangle. The book is all about how to overcome emotional eating.

At My Best, Here’s How I Am:
(Act, Look, Feel, Live)

Pain free
In touch with my family
In touch with my friends
I go to bed early
I wake up on time
I drive without hurrying
I eat a good breakfast
I plan and take my lunch
I cook dinner
I pursue hobbies
I take care of my nails
I groom my hair and brows
I fold and put away my clothes
I let go of clutter
I keep the table clear
I decorate for holidays
I wear great clothes
I fix my hair
I feel confident
I feel beautiful
I feel smart and powerful
I help others
I read frequently
I exercise
I accomplish lots at work
I take time to think
I drink plenty of water
I ask for help
I am patient
I am generous
I am affectionate
I feel bubbly
I feel cute
I care about the world
I love to learn
I make music
I sleep well at night
I am grateful
My heart feels full
I feel relaxed
I feel unafraid

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