Apple Picking (2008)

November 23, 2013 at 10:34 pm
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Seeing you is like apple picking.
Tree to tree hayride on bumpy ground
Spitting exhaust fumes and jerking
rosy faces who enjoy the instability
like a special occasion holiday,
dodging the last bees of summer,
Grinning through the straw poking holes
through the seats of our jeans,
and then rushed to a muddy halt,
and herded off the wagon two by two,
we have only a moment while it idles
to discover our perfect specimens –
You carefully prod through branches,
passing unsatisfying picked-over fruit,
juicy reds & greens until you find the perfect one
you pull off and hold up like a trophy.
Climbing back in, so proud, you crunch your first bite,
tasting the sweetest, tartest, coolest
first kiss blushing embarrassment
and every slow bite is a different memory
til it’s gone and nibbled sweetly to the core,
which you toss out the side, and continue your ride.

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