Revolving door of new outfits!

January 27, 2014 at 11:58 am
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I have too many clothes. It’s just a fact. I do. I have more clothes than I can fit in my closet. My dresser drawers never want to close. I don’t have enough hangers when half my clothes are clean. There are several reasons for it. I don’t do laundry frequently enough, I switch sizes pretty often, and I just like to have options, plus shopping is fun. I don’t know how they do it, but through Facebook’s clever and dastardly targeted advertising, I heard about a service called Gwynnie Bee, which is a clothing rental subscription for sizes 10 through 26. You pay a monthly fee, then they mail you clothes, you wear them, put them dirty in the mailing envelope (provided), drop them off and receive something new. New clothes all the time, on your doorstep, you guys, and they don’t even take up space! I hemmed and hawed for a few months about it, but I finally ended up joining for a free month.

Here is my first piece of clothing: the Spicy Top by Soft Surroundings. In 1x it’s a little big on me, but it is a fit that is work appropriate. I wore it with black pants and smart shoes, like I normally wear. I like it, but I’m putting it in the mail to send back tomorrow!

My first Gwynnie Bee piece.

My first Gwynnie Bee piece.

Tomorrow’s picture day at work, and I will be wearing a green dress from Kiyonna. I’ve been eyeing Kiyonna dresses for over a year, but I never had the guts to buy any. Now I have two of them hanging in my closet! Pretty exciting stuff!

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